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Land use industrial air conditioner

Special unit for temperature control of grain pile surface

(Air cooling) grain cooler

Evaporative cold valley cooler

(Purification type) combined air conditioning unit

Air-cooled cold (hot) water unit

Air-cooled split chiller (anti-corrosion)

Water-cooled cold (hot) water unit

Evaporative cooling chiller

Modular air-cooled hot and cold water (heat pump) unit

Rooftop air conditioning unit

Rotary dehumidifier

Purification type combined constant temperature and humidity machine

Outdoor cabinet air conditioner

Special air-conditioning unit for large air volume in automobile painting workshop

Mobile post blower

(Shallow round warehouse/square warehouse) airtight nitrogen-keeping refrigeration system

Circulating uniform temperature and cooling system in the granary

Refrigeration/humidity/slow-relief system for finished grain

Meat freezing and fruit and vegetable cold preservation system

Meat freezing and fruit and vegetable cold preservation system

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