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Yongsheng Air Conditioning and Yancheng Institute of Technology signed a "School-Enterprise Cooperation Base" agreement
On the afternoon of July 21st, Sun Weifang, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College
Yongsheng Power|China's first Mars exploration mission "Tianwen No. 1" was successfully launched today
Since 1995, Jiangsu Yongsheng Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. has cooperated with satellite launch bases such as Jiuquan
The company grows with you|Caring for employees’ birthdays and caring for their growth
Jiangsu Yongsheng Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the caring concept of "Treat Employees Sincerely",
Yongsheng Air-Conditioning-Workers' Collective Birthday Party
This year, in order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, enhance the happiness of work
Yongsheng assisted the smooth hoisting of the first single 220kV sea booster station in China!
On November 10, the sea booster station of China Guangdong Nuclear Power's Zhejiang Daishan 4# offshore wind power project, which was constructed by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry
At the 2019 Shanghai International Maritime Exhibition, Yongsheng is looking forward to your visit at booth W3F61!
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