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Technical support

Service concept
Professional, fast, customer first.


Pre-sale service

Industry and product consulting, product selection and supporting scheme design.

After-sales service

After the products leave the factory, according to the requirements of users, Yongsheng assigns professional personnel to guide installation and assist in equipment commissioning. Users can visit the company at any time, and the company provides on-site training for user operators free of charge. Yongsheng has set up a drilling service center, which can quickly send personnel to the scene after receiving a phone call from users. Yongsheng visits users regularly to solve practical problems for users and ensure their normal use. Fast, fast, warm, all over the world's Yongsheng service, always protect you!


After-sales Service Telephone:


Item supervision and implementation mechanism

The demand of users is the work goal of Yongsheng. Users think of yongsheng to do well, users do not think of, Yongsheng has the responsibility to think and do. We will provide users with the best selection and implementation plan in the process of purchasing Yongsheng products.